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Join Us!

You are invited to journey through the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egypt with the women of Beachside. We will be meeting every other Thursday beginning September 22nd (please see dates below for exact dates). You are encouraged to read the chapters prior to each meeting and take time to listen for the message the LORD has for you personally from the portion of scripture. We will be discussing in small groups what the LORD is revealing to us; however, if you have not had time to read or are not comfortable sharing in a small group, please come! God will have something for all of us… the important thing is that we gather together. We look forward to seeing you there and are praying for you!


Reading Schedule (Chapters to read prior to meeting):

  • September 22nd      Exodus 1 - 3

  • October 6th      Exodus 4 - 5:21

  • October 20th      Exodus 5:22 - 7

  • October 27th      Exodus 8-10

  • November 3rd      Exodus 11-12

  • November 17th      Exodus 13-14

Audio Recordings from past weeks

  • October 20th      Exodus 5:22 - 7

  • October 27th      Exodus 8-10

For more information or to volunteer to serve email women@ccbeachside.com