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The women of Beachside will be gathering together every other Thursday evening from 6:30-8 pm (doors will open @ 6pm) to dig into the Book of Joshua (please read the chapter before meeting). Each evening will be a mixture of small group discussion followed by a message on the chapters for the week.  Plan on joining us for fellowship, encouragement, and time in the Word as we focus on being steadfast in the LORD. We pray that you will come and be blessed.

 Reading Schedule 

(chapters to read before meeting)

  • February 23 - Hebrews 3 & 4

  • March 9 - Joshua 1

  • March 23 - Joshua 2

  • April 20 - Joshua 3

  • May 2 - Joshua 4 to 5:12

  • May 18 - Joshua 5:13 to 6:27

 Audio Recordings

(from previous weeks)


For more information or to volunteer to serve email

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