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Calvary Chapel Beachside is a non-denominational church focused on the study of God's word and believes in the authority of Scripture as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has been formed as a fellowship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Messages for 2018

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb
Sun, Dec. 30 Ben Almazan Revelation 19:6-10
Christmas Eve 2018
Mon, Dec. 24 Bert Almazan Hebrews 10:5-7
Give Praise to our God!
Sun, Dec. 23 Bert Almazan Revelation 19:1-6
Heavenly Gift Exchange - Part 3
Wed, Dec. 19 Bert Almazan
Remember Who is in Control
Sun, Dec. 16 Bert Almazan Revelation 18:9-24
Heavenly Gift Exchange - Part 2
Wed, Dec. 12 Bert Almazan
Where is the World Going?
Sun, Dec. 9 Bert Almazan Revelation 18:1-8
Heavenly Gift Exchange - Part 1
Wed, Dec. 5 Bert Almazan
The Lamb Overcomes the Beast
Sun, Dec. 2 Bert Almazan Revelation 17:8-18
Proverbs 11
Wed, Nov. 28 Bert Almazan Proverbs 11
The Judgement of the Harlot - Part 2
Sun, Nov. 25 Bert Almazan Revelation 17:6-7
The Judgement if the Harlot
Sun, Nov. 18 Bert Almazan Revelation 17:1-6
Proverbs 10
Wed, Nov. 14 Bert Almazan Proverbs 10
Sun, Nov. 11 Ben Almazan Revelation 16:12-21
Proverbs 8-9
Wed, Nov. 7 Bert Almazan Proverbs 8-9
Jesus Our Example
Sun, Nov. 4 Tim VanGerven Philippians 2:5-11
The Seven Bowl Judgments - Part 1
Sun, Oct. 28 Bert Almazan Revelation 6:1-9
Proverbs 7
Wed, Oct. 24 Bert Almazan Proverbs 7
Lessons in Worship from the Tribulation Saints - Part 2
Sun, Oct. 21 Bert Almazan Revelation 15:5-8
Proverbs 6
Wed, Oct. 17 Bert Almazan Proverbs 6
Lessons in Worship from the Tribulation Saints - Part 1
Sun, Oct. 14 Bert Almazan Revelation 15:1-4
Proverbs 5
Wed, Oct. 10 Bert Almazan Proverbs 5
The Final Harvest
Sun, Oct. 7 Ben Almazan Revelation 14:14-20
Proverbs 3:13-4:27
Wed, Oct. 3 Bert Almazan Proverbs 3:13-4:27
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Sun, Sep. 30 Tibor Lak
Proverbs 3:1-12
Wed, Sep. 26 Bert Almazan Proverbs 3:1-12
Blessed Assurance
Sun, Sep. 23 Bert Almazan Revelation 14:8-13
Proverbs 2
Wed, Sep. 19 Bert Almazan
Fear God and Give Him Glory
Sun, Sep. 16 Bert Almazan Revelation 14:6-13
Proverbs 1
Wed, Sep. 12 Bert Almazan
It is Very Well with My Soul
Sun, Sep. 9 Fernando Cambron
The Song of the Redeemed
Sun, Sep. 2 Bert Almazan Revelation 14:1-5
Another Beast - The False Prophet
Sun, Aug. 26 Bert Almazan Revelation 13:11-18
A Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea
Sun, Aug. 19 Bert Almazan Revelation 13:1-10
What Do People See in You?
Sun, Aug. 12 Bert Almazan 1 Peter 2:11-25
Our Victory Over Satan
Sun, Aug. 5 Bert Almazan Revelation 12:10-17
The Perfecting Storm
Sat, Aug. 4 Daniel Heard Mark 6:45-52
A War in Heaven
Sun, Jul. 29 Bert Almazan Revelation 12:7-17
Great Signs in Heaven
Sun, Jul. 22 Bert Almazan Revelation 12:1-6
The Seven Trumpet Sounds
Sun, Jul. 15 Bert Almazan Revelation 11:15-19
God is Able
Sun, Jul. 8 Steve Harrison Daniel 3
The Temple of God & the Two Witnesses
Sun, Jul. 1 Bert Almazan Revelation 11:1-14
A Fruitful Life in the Spirit
Sun, Jun. 24 Tim VanGerven John 14-15
How We Got the Bible - Part 3
Wed, Jun. 20 Bert Almazan
The Mighty Angel with the Little Book
Sun, Jun. 17 Bert Almazan Revelation 10:1-11
How We Got the Bible - Part 2
Wed, Jun. 13 Bert Almazan
The Sixth Trumpet
Sun, Jun. 10 Bert Almazan Revelation 9:13-21
How We Got the Bible - Part 1
Wed, Jun. 6 Bert Almazan
The Suffering Sinners on the Earth
Sun, Jun. 3 Bert Almazan Revelation 8:7-9:12
Men's Breakfast - Order from On High
Sat, Jun. 2 Hector Velarde 1 Corinthians 11:3
The Trinity - Part 2
Wed, May. 30 Bert Almazan
The Opening of the Seventh Seal
Sun, May. 27 Bert Almazan Revelation 8:1-13
The Trinity - Part 1
Wed, May. 23 Bert Almazan
The Blood of the Lamb
Sun, May. 20 Bert Almazan Revelation 7:9-17
The Holy Spirit
Wed, May. 16 Bert Almazan
God Remembers Mercy!
Sun, May. 13 Bert Almazan Revelation 7:1-8
Christology - Part 5
Wed, May. 9 Bert Almazan
The Name Above All Names
Sun, May. 6 Bert Almazan Isaiah 9:6
Christology - Part 4
Wed, May. 2 Bert Almazan
The Opening of the Sixth Seal
Sun, Apr. 29 Bert Almazan Revelation 6:12-17
Christology - Part 3
Wed, Apr. 25 Bert Almazan
How Long, O Lord
Sun, Apr. 22 Bert Almazan Revelation 6:9-11
Christology - Part 2
Wed, Apr. 18 Bert Almazan
Breaking the First Four Seals
Sun, Apr. 15 Bert Almazan Revelation 6:1-8
Life Lessons for Making Marriage Work
Fri, Apr. 13 Dr. Harold Sala
Christology - Part 1
Wed, Apr. 11 Bert Almazan
Living Out the Love of Jesus
Sun, Apr. 8 Dr. Harold Sala John 13:34-35
Know What We Believe
Wed, Apr. 4 Bert Almazan Luke 24:13-27
Easter - "The Power of His Resurrection"
Sun, Apr. 1 Bert Almazan Philippians 3:10-11
Good Friday - "Calvary"
Fri, Mar. 30 Bert Almazan
Jesus Came to Seek and to Save the Lost!
Sun, Mar. 25 Bert Almazan Luke 19:10
A Review of the Book of Daniel
Wed, Mar. 21 Bert Almazan Daniel 12
Worthy is the Lamb!
Sun, Mar. 18 Bert Almazan Revelation 5:8-14
The End Times (part 2)
Wed, Mar. 14 Bert Almazan Daniel 12
The Lion and The Lamb
Sun, Mar. 11 Bert Almazan Revelation 5:1-7
The Throne Room of God
Sun, Mar. 4 Bert Almazan Revelation 4:1-11
Characteristics of a Healthy Church
Sun, Feb. 25 Bert Almazan Revelation 2-3 (review)
True Love
Sun, Feb. 18 Steve Harrison 1 Corinthians 13
The End Times
Wed, Feb. 14 Bert Almazan Daniel 11:36-12:2
Letter to the Church of Laodicea
Sun, Feb. 11 Bert Almazan Revelation 3:14-22
When Prophecy Becomes History
Wed, Feb. 7 Bert Almazan Daniel 11:1-35
The Blessed Hope of the Faithful Church
Sun, Feb. 4 Bert Almazan Revelation 3:9-13
Prayer and Spiritual Warfare
Wed, Jan. 31 Bert Almazan Daniel 10
Letter to the Church of Philadelphia (part 2)
Sun, Jan. 28 Bert Almazan Revelation 3:8-13
Artificial Intelligence
Wed, Jan. 24 Bert Almazan Daniel
Letter to the Church of Philadelphia (part 1)
Sun, Jan. 21 Bert Almazan Revelation 3:7
Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church
Wed, Jan. 17 Bert Almazan Daniel 9:27
Letter to the Church of Sardis
Sun, Jan. 14 Bert Almazan Revelation 3:1-6
The Seventy Weeks
Wed, Jan. 10 Bert Almazan Daniel 9:24-27
Letter to the Church of Thyatira
Sun, Jan. 7 Bert Almazan Revelation 2:18-29
Men's Breakfast - The Ministry of Encouragement
Sat, Jan. 6 Bert Almazan Acts
Daniel's Prayer
Wed, Jan. 3 Bert Almazan Daniel 9:1-23