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Calvary Chapel Beachside is a non-denominational church focused on the study of God's word and believes in the authority of Scripture as inspired by the Holy Spirit. It has been formed as a fellowship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our supreme desire is to know Christ and be conformed into His image by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Messages for 2017

Rejoice all Year Long
Sun, Dec. 31 Bert Almazan Philippians 4:1-9
Glory to God in the Highest
Sun, Dec. 24 Bert Almazan Luke 2:1-14
History from a Biblical Perspective
Wed, Dec. 20 Bert Almazan
Letter to the Church of Pergamos
Sun, Dec. 17 Bert Almazan Revelation 2:12-17
About Antiochus Epiphanes
Wed, Dec. 13 Bert Almazan Daniel 8:9-27
Letter to the Church of Smyrna
Sun, Dec. 10 Bert Almazan Revelation 2:8-11
Vision of the Ram & Goat
Wed, Dec. 6 Bert Almazan Daniel 8:1-8
Letter to the Church of Ephesus
Sun, Dec. 3 Bert Almazan Revelation 2:1-7
The Everlasting Kingdom
Wed, Nov. 29 Bert Almazan Daniel 7:15-28
Behold, Our King is Coming
Sun, Nov. 26 Bert Almazan Revelation 1:4-20
Revelation - Introduction
Sun, Nov. 19 Bert Almazan Revelation 1:1-3
Keep Yourselves in the Love of God
Sun, Nov. 12 Bert Almazan Jude 1:20-21
Daniel's Vision of the 4 Beasts
Wed, Nov. 8 Bert Almazan Daniel 7:1-14
Grace to Live for Him
Sun, Nov. 5 Bert Almazan Jude
Serving the Living God
Wed, Nov. 1 Bert Almazan Daniel 6:18-28
Contending for the Faith
Sun, Oct. 29 Bert Almazan Jude 1:3
The Plot Against Daniel
Wed, Oct. 25 Bert Almazan Daniel 6:1-17
Called, Sanctified, Preserved
Sun, Oct. 22 Bert Almazan Jude 1:1-3
The Bankruptcy of Atheism
Sun, Oct. 15 Mark Spence Romans 1:18-23
The Writing on the Wall
Wed, Oct. 11 Bert Almazan Daniel 4:19-5:31
The Danger of Distance
Sun, Oct. 8 Bert Almazan Mark 14:54
The Most High God Rules
Wed, Oct. 4 Bert Almazan Daniel 4:1-18
Imitating Good Examples
Sun, Oct. 1 Bert Almazan 3 John 1:9-14
Our God is Able to Deliver Us
Wed, Sep. 27 Bert Almazan Daniel 2:46-3:30
The Manifold Wisdom of God
Sun, Sep. 24 Tibor Lak
The Everlasting Kingdom of God
Wed, Sep. 20 Bert Almazan Daniel 2:31-45
Fellow Workers for the Truth
Sun, Sep. 17 Bert Almazan 3 John 1:1-8
The Truth that we Know
Sun, Sep. 10 Bert Almazan 2 John 1:7-13
Walking in Truth and Love
Sun, Sep. 3 Bert Almazan 2 John 1:1-6
The Victorious Christian Life
Sun, Aug. 27 Bert Almazan 1 John 5
God is Love
Sun, Aug. 20 Bert Almazan 1 John 4:7-21
Test the Spirits
Sun, Aug. 13 Bert Almazan 1 John 4:1-6
Taking the Test of Love
Sun, Aug. 6 Bert Almazan 1 John 3:10-24
Children of God
Sun, Jul. 30 Bert Almazan 1 John 3:1-9
Abiding in Him
Sun, Jul. 23 Bert Almazan 1 John 2
Introduction to First John
Sun, Jul. 16 Bert Almazan 1 John 1
He is Risen
Sun, Jul. 9 Bert Almazan Mark 16:1-20
The everlasting dominion of the sovereign God
Wed, Jul. 5 Bert Almazan Daniel 2:24-30
..and they crucified Him
Sun, Jul. 2 Bert Almazan Mark 15:21-47
What do we do in Times of Crisis?
Wed, Jun. 28 Bert Almazan Daniel 2:1-23
What will you do with Jesus?
Sun, Jun. 25 Bert Almazan Mark 15:1-20
Godly Living in an Ungodly World
Wed, Jun. 21 Bert Almazan Daniel 1
Backsliding Made Easy
Sun, Jun. 18 Bert Almazan Mark 14:27-72
How Will You be Remembered?
Sun, Jun. 11 Bert Almazan Mark 14:1-26
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 31 Bert Almazan The Message of Isaiah
Be Ready, be Faithful, be a Servant
Sun, May. 28 Bert Almazan Matthew 25:1-46
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 24 Bert Almazan Isaiah 65:17-66:24
Watch & Pray
Sun, May. 21 Bert Almazan Mark 13:14-27
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 17 Bert Almazan Isaiah 64:5-65:16
A Blessed Woman
Sun, May. 14 Bert Almazan 1 Kings 17:8-16
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 10 Bert Almazan Isaiah 63:11-64:6
Take Heed that no one Deceives you
Sun, May. 7 Bert Almazan Mark 13:1-13
Through the Bible
Wed, May. 3 Bert Almazan Isaian 62-63:10
The Priorities of Life
Sun, Apr. 30 Bert Almazan Mark 12:29-44
He is Willing
Wed, Apr. 26 Tim VanGerven Mark 1:40-45
When You Go Through the Water, the Flood, and the Fire
Sun, Apr. 23 Dr. Harold Sala Isaiah 43:1-4
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 19 Bert Almazan Isaian 61
The Transforming Power of our Risen Lord
Sun, Apr. 16 Bert Almazan John 20:19-31
The Message of the Cross
Fri, Apr. 14 Bert Almazan Mark 15:20-39
Love One Another
Wed, Apr. 12 Peter Lak John 13:34-35
You Shall Love the Lord Your God
Sun, Apr. 9 Bert Almazan Mark 12:28-30
Through the Bible
Wed, Apr. 5 Bert Almazan Isaiah 60
Know What You Believe
Sun, Apr. 2 Bert Almazan Mark 12:18-27
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 29 Bert Almazan Isaiah 59
Giving Our All to God
Sun, Mar. 26 Bert Almazan Mark 12:13-17
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 22 Bert Almazan Isaiah 58
What is God Like?
Sun, Mar. 19 Bert Almazan Mark 12:1-12
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 15 Bert Almazan Isaiah 57
Live Our Lives by Faith
Sun, Mar. 12 Bert Almazan Hebrews 11:1-7
The gentle Touch in Soul Winning
Wed, Mar. 8 Barry Felis
Have Faith in God
Sun, Mar. 5 Bert Almazan Mark 11:20-26
Through the Bible
Wed, Mar. 1 Bert Almazan Isaiah 56:8-12
Fruitless Religion
Sun, Feb. 26 Bert Almazan Mark 11:12-19
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 22 Bert Almazan Isaiah 55:12-56:7
Behold your King
Sun, Feb. 19 Bert Almazan Mark 11:1-11
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 15 Bert Almazan Isaiah 55:4-11
What do we want Jesus to do for us?
Sun, Feb. 12 Bert Almazan Mark 10:32:52
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 8 Bert Almazan Isaiah 55:1-3
Who can be Saved?
Sun, Feb. 5 Bert Almazan Mark 10:23-31
Through the Bible
Wed, Feb. 1 Bert Almazan Isaiah Ch 53:7-54:17
The Rich Young Ruler
Sun, Jan. 29 Bert Almazan Mark 10:17-22
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 25 Bert Almazan Isaiah 53:3-6
Jesus Love Little Children
Sun, Jan. 22 Bert Almazan Mark 10:13-16
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 18 Bert Almazan Isaiah 53:1-2
What did Jesus say about Divorce?
Sun, Jan. 15 Bert Almazan Mark 10:10-12
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 11 Bert Almazan Isaiah 52:13-15
What does the Bible say about Marriage and Divorce?
Sun, Jan. 8 Bert Almazan Mark 10:1-9
Through the Bible
Wed, Jan. 4 Bert Almazan Isaiah 52
Look Carefully How You Live
Sun, Jan. 1 Bert Almazan Ephesians 5:15-21